Our Story



Humble Beginnings

Born curled up in the passenger seat of an old camper, PawPrint started as a simple conversation between two brothers and their puppies, somewhere between the pet store and the ocean.

As avid adventurers, our founders and their four-legged companions spent a great, great deal of their life on the road, exploring the untamed and beautiful Australian landscape and enjoying the slower, simpler things in life.

Having recently acquired their new side-kicks - Lucy and saké the sister Border Collies - their trips suddenly became all the more crowded, all the more fluffy and all the more awesome! And they would now begin with an almost ritualistic stop at a local pet supplies store... You can never give your dog too many prezzies.


The Problem

Now as you would expect, it was extremely surprising and frustrating to discover how few responsibly produced pet products were available. On the contrary, this bourgeoning Pet Supplies industry, of which our two adventurers were now a part, was a veritable labyrinth of products, services, bells and whistles, and lots and lots of PLASTIC...

Our two brothers didn’t like plastic much. They never had. In fact, they felt that the issue of plastic pollution was a pretty huge one - and that without taking serious and proactive steps to mitigate and lessen plastic production and creatively repurpose existing plastics, we would likely be facing a pretty dire future. As avid outdoorsmen, and now as pet owners, our brothers felt a kind of kinship to the natural world and the animals that reside within it, and thought these were important things to nurture.

So, the boys started talking, and from the ashes of this fiery conversation, an idea was born...

The Mission

Paw Print Project aims to create an ecosystem of animal products designed and manufactured with sustainability at its heart.

It’s an initiative in corporate environmentalism that aims to use the very act of consumption to alleviate some of the problems caused by unfettered consumption - aiding in the removal of plastic from our more sensitive environmental areas and creating a platform through which consumption and altruism can co-exist in one and the same act.

We’re all here sharing this amazing place. We love our animals. We love our world. So join us in our effort to keep things perfect and natural, forever!